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Off-grid solar and wind energy systems - railways applications

Off-Grid Solar & Wind Power Specialists

If you need electricity in a remote location, we can help.

We design and supply complete off-grid solar & wind power systems for a wide variety of applications :

Our solar engineers can guide you through the process of getting your off-grid solar or wind power system properly designed and installed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We also offer a range of services for off-grid power systems - such as site surveys, installation, remote system monitoring, maintenance and system check-ups / overhauls.

When you order a power system from us you get :
      • Free in-depth off-grid system sizing & design.
      • Over 45 years of combined engineering experience with off-grid systems.
      • Lifetime technical support on every complete system we supply.
      • A guarantee of complete integrity, honesty and NEAPS *
* (never ever any pushy salespeople).

Remote Solar & Wind Power Solutions

Our carefully selected product range includes high efficiency pv solar panels, wind generators, batteries, solar charge controllers, off-grid inverters  and a wide selection of power system accessories. We aim to supply all of the specialised parts that off-grid power systems need. To see our entire product range in our webstore click here :

Founded in 1997, the EDC has supplied literally thousands of off-grid solar & wind powered systems to commercial, industrial and domestic customers. We can supply systems of all sizes, ranging from a single small solar panel all the way to large telecoms systems with many kilowatts of solar panels and a wind turbine.

Our clients include :

Custom Designed Off-Grid Power Systems

Our services include the bespoke design of a standalone wind or solar power system to meet your exact requirements. We can supply the system in a variety of packages - from complete turnkey projects, to plug & play kits, to DIY parts only systems.

By far the most popular package type is a fully customised 'plug & play' power kit, which is designed for easy installation by your own electrical contractor. We do all of the more complicated control board wiring & testing and prepare all of the cables in our workshop, making the on-site installation much quicker & easier. To find out more, click the links below :

Off-Grid Plug & Play Solar Power Kits

Off-Grid Power System Design Service

Common off-grid power applications include remote data monitoring (solar telemetry), water pumping, wireless communications and off-grid buildings. PV solar panels are also ideal for mobile battery charging on expeditions and in leisure applications such as boats, motorhomes and caravans.

Solar pv panels for off-grid solar power

Learn More About Off-Grid Power ...

This web site provides a wide range of information regarding off-grid solar or wind energy systems.  You'll find a basic introduction to the products & technologies we use, as well as a step-by-step guide for many remote power applications. Off-grid solar & wind energy can be fascinatingly diverse and we aim to share the benefit of our experiences.

If you are considering a solar or wind energy system, these are the steps we would recommend :

Solar & Wind Power News and Developments

New marine solar panel range - specially marinised high efficiency solar pv modules with an exclusive 3yr marine warranty.

New solar water feature pump kits - featuring a 5 year warranty on the pump  & 10 years on the solar panel .

Dramatic drops in solar pv prices boost the demand for solar water pumps

Blue Sky MPPT solar pv controllers are now easy to remotely monitor with the new universal communications module.

Bespoke off-grid solar panel kits - easy-install, custom designed solar power systems.

Blue Sky MPPT Controllers - EDC becomes main distributors for the pioneers of MPPT controllers.

How do solar panels work ? & How much do pv solar panels cost ?

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