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Company History

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Company History

The EDC ( was founded in 1997, in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. Our first major milestone was a European Commission 'Thermie' research project, regarding the development of new wind turbine technologies.

During 1998 we developed our own in-house system design process, since proven with the successful installation of over 5000 independant power systems worldwide. We were also the first major UK company to offer free system design to our clients.

In the years since, the EDC has emerged as one of the UK's leading off-grid power specialists. Having built up a loyal customer base of commercial clients, the company has grown steadily.

In 2003 we introduced our 'plug & play' power systems - enabling the use of local contractors for the installation, rather than sending our technicians hundreds of miles just to connect a few cables. This service has proved very popular with commercial clients.

2008 saw the launch of our new website and online webstore - allowing our clients to order a wide range of specialised goods online. The new website has been a huge success, averaging over 1800 visitors per day with the numbers steadily rising.

In early 2009 the EDC moved into new, larger premises which has far improved workshop and office facilities. We have also been implementing quality standards, with the aim of acheiving ISO 9001 in the near future.

Since 2011, EDC have been involved in the development of an off-grid power system for railway crossings. The prototype system has now been running successfully for over 2 years. In 2013, five more of these systems are being rolled out across the UK rail network.

We are aiming to open our new Iberian branch of the company soon, in south-east Spain. We look forward to working closer with our many clients based in Spain and the surrounding areas.