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Solar & Wind Powered Alarm & Security Systems

At the EDC, we supply custom designed off-grid solar or wind power systems which are perfect for remote, off-grid alarm or security systems.

Remote buildings & property are often targeted by thieves. Many of these buildings do not have any power supply, and so installing a security system can be a major problem.

However, with a solar or wind powered security system, clients can install alarm systems in the remotest locations. As with most equipment to be run from solar or wind, it makes a lot of difference to the viability of the project if the alarm is capable of being powered from 12v or 24v dc.

A solar or wind powered alarm system offers a completely independent power supply, so if the national grid has a power cut, the security system will continue to operate normally.

In order to establish what size of power system is required, it is important to establish what the average daily power draw of the alarm system is. The power draw information can either be tested, which is the preferred method, or you can ask the manufacturer for average power draw figures (which tends to be less accurate).

Due to the critical nature of most security systems, we suggest that you contact our System Design Engineers with full details of your application, so that they can design a power system to meet your exact needs.

Find out more about our system design service here.