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Solar Powered Ventilation

Solar powered fans for ventilation

Solar Powered Ventilation

From boats and caravans to greenhouses and remote buildings, ventilation is important to provide a comfortable environment.

Ventilation is mostly required in the hotter, sunnier months. High efficiency fans provide a high flow of air for minimal energy. Thus, ventilation is often a viable application for solar pv modules.

The choice of fan is critical for a successful ventilation system, ideally it needs to be DC powered & highly efficient. Also, due to long running hours, quality is an important aspect.

Smaller fans can be run directly off a small solar pv panel, avoiding the need for a battery or controller.

Larger 'ceiling' type fans are available, again they need to be DC & highly efficient to be worthwhile. Small self-contained solar vents are also available, which are an ideal 'no wires' solution for boats and caravans.

We supply a small selection of high efficiency fans, especially selected to be powered for a solar pv system. Visit the webstore here.

Energy Tip: Passive ventilation - try rigging up an air 'scoop' to direct air in through a normal air vent. Also in really hot climates, a damp blanket across a doorway can cool the incoming air significantly.

PV solar panel used for small fans & vent kits

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