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Solar Powered Electric Gates

solar powered electric gates

Solar Or Wind Powered Electric Gates

Remote electric gates are often a viable solar or wind energy application, as digging up existing gardens or driveways to lay power cables can be costly and inconvenient.

The greater the distance between the gates and the nearest source of power, the more viable an option a small remote power system becomes.

Most gates tend to only be used a few times per day, which means that even though the gate actuator motor needs a fair amount of power, it doesn't actually draw that power for very long.

Because the power is only required for short bursts, perhaps a dozen times per day, we usually find that a fairly small solar panel is enough to keep the battery charged all year round.

DC Powered Gate Systems

Mains (AC) powered gate motors are not suitable for powering from a solar system, as it is very important not to have any "parasitic" standby loads which would be drawn by a 12v to 240v inverter. There are a number of DC powered actuators available, which will run straight from DC/battery power.

Many powered gates have some sort of trigger/sensor, and it is very often the power draw of the sensor (which is running for 24hrs per day) that uses the most energy. Again, just like the actuator, it is important that the sensor works from 12v DC, as it will make the system far less expensive.

Often the solar pv panel can be mounted on the gate post/pillar, with a small battery located at the base.

Custom Designed Remote Power Systems

At the EDC we specialise in the supply of remote off-grid solar and wind power systems. Each system is custom designed, using local meteo data, to meet the customer's exact specification.

Please contact us with full details of your electric gate application – we'll be happy to help establish what solar or wind power equipment will be required.

When contacting our system design team, please provide details of device supply voltage, average power draw, average running hours per day and the site location. This is the primary information we need to be able to suggest a solution for your application.

We look forward to hearing from you.