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solar water heating panels

Solar Water Heating Panels

Solar thermal panels or 'solar water heating panels' use the sun's heat & radiation to heat water. This hot water has a wide range of uses; from domestic water systems to large scale commercial or industrial systems.

Even in Northerly climates the amount of energy available from the sun is surprising. The solar heated water pre-heats the water in the hot water tank, saving a huge amount of energy - which leads to impressive financial savings.

Modern solar water heating technologies are enabling very respectable payback periods, normally ranging between 7 and 14 years, dependent on situation, and current energy costs. Interestingly, this is a huge improvement over double glazing which has a payback of longer than 20 years.

As energy costs continue to rise, people are being forced to look harder at the beautifully simple process of using the sun's energy to heat water.

At the EDC, we don't supply solar water heating systems. However, the following website will help you to find a UK Solar Trade Association member.