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Solar water pumps enable life far from the grid...

Solar Water Pumps

Solar pumping systems allow vital water resources to be accessed in remote rural locations. Solar water pumps require no fuel and minimal maintenance.

Solar powered submersible pumps are used for wells, boreholes, water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation. Recently the price of solar pv modules has fallen dramatically around the world, making solar powered pumping systems increasingly affordable.

There is also a natural relationship between the availability of solar power and the need for water. Solar pumps provide maximum water flow when it's needed most.

Most solar water pumping applications don't use batteries, the water is simply pumped when there is enough daylight. The water is often pumped into a large raised storage tank, enabling access to water whenever needed.

solar water pump for cattle or livestock watering

Selecting a Solar Pump

At the EDC we supply complete independent, off-grid solar powered pumping systems, designed to meet your exact requirements. We are authorised sales and service partners for the German engineering company, Lorentz, who are one of the world's leading solar pump manufacturers.

If you would like us to size and cost a pumping system for your application, please complete our solar pump enquiry form (see below), which provides us with the information we need to advise.

Lorentz manufacture a wide range of high efficiency DC powered pumps and controllers, which are all specifically designed to run from solar pv panels. Ultra-efficient pumps result in a lower power draw and allow pumping from a smaller solar array.

The use of brushless DC motors eliminates the need for costly and inefficient inverters. Lorentz pump motors are also free of electronics, as the motor is controlled by the system controller, which results in high reliability.

solar pumping with dc solar pumps is the most efficient solution

For full details about the pumps and solar panels that we supply, please visit our online catalogue & web store where you can find prices, data sheets and user manuals. Pump section here.

All solar pumps are rated according to their lift & flow rates. The main pump selection criteria are the 'total vertical lift' and the 'average daily water volume' required, which can often vary from season to season.

The location of the system dictates the amount of sunlight available. The more sunny the installation site, the less solar panels will be required to provide the power to the pump.

With a solar pumping system, the internal diameter of the delivery pipe is normally maximised to reduce resistance. Use of a pipe with a smooth interior wall also reduces resistance to the water flow, and thus increases flow rates.

Lorentz provide an information sheet to help with pipe size calculations ; Pipe Sizing PDF. All reputable solar pump manufacturers provide charts & flow rate information, together with details about the amount of solar pv power required.

If you would like to contact our system design team for advice on a suitable submersible pump, please use the form on the following page :


Lorentz solar panel array            Lorentz solar pump with helical rotor            Solar pump in action - Sri LankaLorentz solar water pumps

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