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Solar Powered Water Features, Fountains & Waterfalls

solar powered water feature

Solar Water Features, Fountains & Waterfalls.

Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in popularity of water features and small ponds in domestic gardens. These encourage wildlife and provide an excellent focal point for a garden.

Pumps are often used to provide water movement, increasing visual interest and adding oxygen to the water, which is especially important for fish and other aquatic life.

Solar panels can provide a safe and convenient solution for powering the pump, eliminating the hassle of installing long cables, the danger of high voltages and the cost of unwanted electricity bills.

Unfortunately, most of the cheaper solar pump kits found in the UK are of poor quality and struggle to perform. Due to the extended running times for a water feature, it is vital that the pump is very well made, otherwise it will need replacement within a couple of years.

The majority of solar water pump systems don't involve a battery – they are powered direct from the solar panel. This means that they run when the solar panel is exposed to high levels of light.

In order to select the correct solar panel and pump, it is important to get an idea of the flow rate you require and of the lift [pumping height] required. You will notice that most smaller pumps are not capable of lifting large volumes of water particularly high.

Normally the solar panel is rated at a higher wattage than the pump, to allow for surges when the motor starts, and to allow the pump to run on less sunny days. It is also possible to incorporate batteries & small high-efficiency LED lights into a system, however these add significant costs.

At the EDC we offer to custom design solar pumping systems for larger domestic or commercial water features. If you would like a custom designed solution, please contact our system design team with details of the lift heights and flow rates required.

We also supply a new range of high quality solar pumping kits, designed for smaller applications. Please see our webstore for details.

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