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Custom assembled cables for dc power systems...

Custom Cable Sets & Wiring Harnesses

We offer to custom build cable sets specifically for your installation. This makes installation very easy as no special terminations or tooling is required to connect up the power system.

This is especially important for solar pv cables, as many solar panels use special rubber 'MC' connectors and to remove them often invalidates the manufacturer's warranty. Besides, MC connectors are extremely convenient and reliable.

We also prepare customised battery & inverter cables. Most of the cable we use is 'HO7RNF' double-insulated rubber neoprene cable.

This high specification cable is multi-stranded, making it more flexible than most. The double insulation makes the cable suitable for external use and protects it from UV degradation.

All main solar & battery cables need to be 'single core', thus providing multiple layers of insulation between any two conductors.

Load cables can also be supplied - however these are often far smaller in size, less specialist and can be sourced from normal electrical suppliers.

If you would like us to quote on cable sets, just provide us with the relevant cable lengths when you contact our system design team.

We also provide an online cable sizing tool, which helps to establish the correct size of cable for your application.

High quality cable used in all custom wiring sets...