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Grid connected domestic solar pv system

Solar PV for Domestic Grid-Connected Buildings

At the EDC, we don’t supply grid-connected power systems as we specialise in independent, off-grid power systems. To find out more about grid-connected solar pv or wind energy, please visit The Energy Saving Trust where you will find plenty of useful information and relevant contacts.

If you are looking to fit solar pv panels to your grid-connected house or building, then you will be looking at a very different design scenario than for off-grid buildings.

Essentially, the design of an on-grid system is very simple as there are normally only two parameters; available installation space and available budget. The efficiency of the electrical devices used in the building is not directly relevant, as providing there is a mains connection, the power won't run out.

If you don't own your own home, or can't afford the often large capital investment in solar pv panels, you can still make a major statement by buying your electricity from a clean energy supplier ( This simple action supports the market for renewable energy in the UK. The signing over process is totally painless and you won't notice any difference in your supply.

We would also strongly encourage households to take advantage of the free energy saving advice available to them through the Energy Efficiency Advice Centres. Businesses & commercial organisations can contact The Carbon Trust for efficiency information.

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