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Solar and wind power systems - installation

Off-grid Solar & Wind Power - Installation

At the EDC we offer a wide range of services to ensure that your off-grid solar and wind power project goes as smoothly as possible. For almost all off-grid systems, we strongly recommend using our system design service to establish what hardware will be required.

  • Complete Turnkey Solutions - including load surveys, system design, installation, commissioning and ongoing system monitoring. Ideal for busy commercial clients who want us to deal with the whole project.
  • Plug & Play Kits - when you want us to do the more complicated parts of the wiring and supply a professionally designed kit that takes very little time to install, our plug & play service is for you. This service offers the preparation of mounting frameworks, cables, connectors and control boards, which makes the actual on-site installation very easy indeed.
  • Parts Only Systems - if you want us to design the system and you have access to your own electrical engineers and want them to complete all of the wiring, a parts only system is the one for you. However, please be aware that high current low voltage solar pv systems often need special cable and connectors (& tooling), which aren't stocked by most electrical suppliers.

Please let us know which of these services you would like us to undertake when you contact our system design team.

Plug & play control board supplied by the EDC...

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