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Off Grid Solar & Wind - 'Plug & Play' Pre-wired Control Panels

Custom built solar pv control panels

Pre-wired Control Panels For Simple Installation

Our technicians can pre-wire the control board for your system - making the installation exceptionally easy. The cost of this service is always far outweighed by the saved on-site installation costs.

With one of our fully labeled & tested control boards, any electrician or electrical contractor will find it very easy to connect one of our power systems. Our experienced technicians even set up the controllers and components, just leaving the main power cables to connect and a few switches to flick before you have power.

Prewired control boards for off-grid power systems

The idea being that one of our 'plug and play' systems can be connected simply using an adjustable spanner and a screwdriver. This brings the time required for cable connections down from hours to minutes and eliminates the need for specialised cable termination tools.

Our control boards are made from a heavy duty 100% recycled plastic board, which suffers no delamination or rusting, as with other materials.

We also assemble custom built cable sets.... see here for details.

Plug & play control board supplied by the EDC...

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