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Custom Designed Solar Lighting Kits

solar powered lighting kits

Custom Designed Remote Solar Lighting Systems

We supply a range of custom designed off-grid solar and wind powered lighting systems. Our tailor-made remote lighting kits are designed specifically for your project, based on your lighting needs and the location of the building.

The expense of burying long cables from the nearest mains supply often makes solar powered lighting solutions highly cost effective.

Custom solar lighting kits are suitable for :

    • Bus Stops & Shelters
    • Road Signs & Street-lighting
    • Rural Electrification Projects
    • Barns, Outbuildings & Sheds
    • Stables & Field Shelters
    • Carports / Garages

Our kits are also ideal for a wide range of industrial & commercial uses.

The benefits of remote solar & wind powered lighting systems include improved health & safety, minimal maintenance, silent and reliable power generation and low running costs.

A typical small to medium sized wind or solar powered lighting system consists of the following components :

    • Solar pv panel and / or wind generator
    • Mounting brackets for pv panel
    • Charge controller / regulator
    • Deep Cycle Solar Battery - non gassing.
    • Correctly Sized Cables
    • Fuses / MCBs
    • 12V or 24V DC Lights

Larger solar lighting systems with long cable runs will often use an inverter and 240V AC mains lighting, as the voltage loss along low voltage cables gets higher over longer distances. Normally, buildings over approx 10m x 10m would use a 240V AC system.

At the EDC, we offer to custom design a solar or wind powered lighting system to your exact specifications. In order to do so, our design engineers need to know the total wattage of lights being used, the voltage, and the average daily running times for each light.

High Efficiency Lighting

For all solar, wind and battery powered lighting systems, high efficiency lights are extremely important. The cost of a solar or wind energy system is highly dependent on the average energy consumption and the running times.

Modern CFL light bulbs give 5x as much light as a conventional bulb, for the same energy use. Therefore, from an 11W CFL bulb, you can expect to get about the same light output as from a standard 60w incandescent bulb.

Unlike normal "household" CFL bulbs, which require a 240V AC input (mains), 12V DC CFL & LED lights eliminate the need for a separate inverter.

A common mistake with smaller solar or wind energy systems is to use 240V lighting, running from an external inverter. Due to the long running times of most systems, and inverter power losses & standby losses, we strongly advise the use of 12V or 24V DC lighting wherever possible.

Modern 12V or 24V DC CFL lights feature quiet, flicker-free operation, unlike early DC powered florescent tube lighting typically installed in older caravans or boats. Additional benefits include easy installation, long bulb life and minimal maintenance. "Warm" or "cold" light CFL bulb frequencies are also available, making lighting more efficient than has ever been possible in the past.

Lumina - a high efficiency CFL light ideal for solar power

Custom Designed Solar Lighting Systems

All of the solar lighting systems we supply are low voltage and extremely safe. Current UK regulations require the installer to be a 'competent person'. Anyone with experience in auto or marine electrics should find it a simple job.

Alternatively, any electrical contractor will be able to install the solar lighting kit for you in minimal time. We supply all the parts required, together with full installation instructions and a telephone support hotline.

We also offer fully customised solar powered lighting systems designed to meet your exact requirements - please don't hesitate to contact us with details of your project.

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