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Solar Powered Security Barriers

solar powered security barriers

Solar Powered Security Barriers

Many remote barriers are viable solar pv or wind powered applications due to reasonably low power requirements and their normally short activation periods during a day.

A solar or wind power supply offers power independence, so that the barriers will still be operational in the event of a power cut.

The design of the barrier will effect the power consumed by the motor used. Design factors such as counterbalances for larger barriers will all help reduce the power required.

We would also strongly recommend the use of a low voltage (12v or 24vdc) actuator motors, as this will avoid the need for an inverter, and it's associated power losses.

Please contact our system design team with full details of your planned system – such as current draw of the motor, activation time, and average number of open/closed sequences during an average winter day. This will enable them to custom design a small power system for your specific application.