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Solar Aid Projects - Urgent Call For Solar Equipment

Solar aid project - Gambian school - solar panels being installed...

Solar Aid Projects

The EDC is proud to work closely with the University of Strathclyde Engineering department, installing solar pv panels in Gambian schools and villages.

These exciting aid projects bring electric lights to children who desperately need them. All of these buildings have no other electricity.

We hope we can count on your support - and if you have any spare or decommissioned solar pv equipment please get in contact urgently.

A single solar pv panel in Africa can change lots of lives. It provides over 5x the energy in Africa than the same panel would in the UK.

Please take a long and hard look at the faces above.

Thank you.

Kaddy Ceesay - One of the children

"The electricity is very important to us. Normally we use a candle at home. Now it is very easy to come here and study and pass exams."

Kaddy Ceesay
Aged 9
Mamud Fana Lower Basic School

Strathclyde University - keep up the great work !

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