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Solar Powered Lighting For Stables & Barns

solar powered stable lighting

Solar Lighting Systems for Stables & Barns

The remote nature of many stable blocks, barns or field shelters can pose a challenge when it comes to getting power for lighting. Solar power is a natural, convenient & silent solution. Solar lighting provides security and health & safety advantages without having to run a generator set.

Over the past 16 years we have supplied many off-grid solar lighting systems for stables and field shelters. Most of these systems have been designed to provide an average of one hour of lighting per day, in each stall. This normally covers feeding and mucking out in the winter months.

High Efficiency Lighting

A single high efficiency Lumina 11W CFL light does a good job of lighting up a standard 12ft x 12ft stall. Tack rooms are often a good candidate for a PIR motion sensor switch, as the hands-free operation provides convenience, as well as keeping lighting running times to a minimum.

The Outlight 18W exterior DC CFL light is typically used for outside security & stable yard lights, again often controlled by a 12V PIR sensor, ensuring minimal running times.

Lumina - a high efficiency CFL light ideal for solar power

Custom Designed Solar Lighting Systems

All of the stable lighting systems we supply are low voltage and extremely safe. Current UK regulations require the installer to be a 'competent person'. Anyone with experience in auto or marine electrics should find it a simple job.

Alternatively, any electrical contractor will be able to install the solar lighting kit for you in minimal time. We supply all the parts required, together with full installation instructions and a telephone support hotline.

We also offer fully customised solar powered lighting systems designed to meet your exact requirements - please don't hesitate to contact us with details of your project.

solar powered stable lighting

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