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Off-Grid Wind Generators - Small Scale Wind Turbines

Off-grid wind generator for battery charging

Off-Grid Wind Generators - An Introduction

Windmills and wind pumps have been used for hundreds of years to grind crops or pump water. Modern wind turbine generators, also called wind generators or wind turbines, are designed to produce electricity. Micro & small scale wind generators are often used to charge batteries in off-grid power systems.

In principle off-grid wind turbines are simple machines, just a few blades connected to a generator. In practice, they require careful design & construction to ensure high energy output, reliability and low noise.

Individual small-scale wind generators used for off-grid power generation are very different from the large scale wind farms commonly seen in today's media. Small and micro scale wind generation is far less disruptive to the local environment, and if necessary at the end of it's working life a small-scale wind turbine can be removed with very little trace left behind.

Small scale wind power generation often directly benefits the local community, commonly being used in schools, remote lighting and remote communications projects.

Wind Power - Location...Location...Location

Positioning of a wind turbine is critical to the success of any wind power project, as wind speeds can vary hugely from one location to another. Local wind speeds also depend on factors such as height of the mast and nearby features such as tall trees, hills and valleys.

Nearby trees and buildings can cause a turbulent airflow over the blades of the wind generator, causing them to lose 'lift' and thus dramatically reducing the amount of power being generated. It is generally not viable to mount small wind turbines on the roof of a house due to the turbulence caused by the building structure.

As with aircraft wings, wind generator blades require a smooth flow of air to work effectively. In planning for a wind turbine, it is important to get the unit into 'clear air' where the wind is in a smooth, laminar flow. The minimum recommended mast height for a small land-based wind turbine is about 6 or 7m , with 9 or 12 metres being the preferred option in many locations. The general rule is - the taller the mast, the better.

Marlec furling 1803 wind turbine

Wind Generators Require Maintenance

Unlike solar pv modules which have no moving parts, wind generators will require occasional maintenance. An annual service check is recommended for most turbines. Just like with a car, preventative maintenance will ensure they are reliable. A well built wind generator will run for years between major services.

The key is to plan a maintenance budget and time slot. For example, many hybrid solar and wind power systems can run for the entire summer purely from the solar pv modules. This would be the time to schedule in the annual maintenance check for the wind turbine, rather than waiting for the first storm of the winter to remind you that you need to tighten a critical bolt.

A high quality off-grid wind turbine, well maintained would normally last about 20 to 25 years. During the course of it's life it will often be subject to some very demanding conditions. As a result, the quality of build of a wind generator makes a huge difference to the expected life.

Leading Edge LE600 wind generator

Our Range of Off-Grid Wind Turbines

At the EDC we supply off-grid wind & solar power systems for industrial, commercial, domestic and marine applications. With peak power outputs ranging from 60w up to 5000w, our range of wind generators are suitable for a wide variety of battery charging applications.

We have been in the solar pv & small wind industry for almost 16 years. In that time we have seen many so-called innovations and developments. It has taken us a long time and a lot of research to carefully select the range of wind turbines that we now supply.

Quality of design, build and materials have always been our primary selection criteria. Second to that, proven performance and survival in harsh conditions are also very important. Therefore all of the wind turbines that we supply have a track record of reliability and real world performance.

Leading Edge LE300 wind turbine in action

Our off-grid wind generator range includes mounting kits for boats and towers for land installations. Please visit our web store from the links below for full product details including prices, data sheets and installation manuals.

Marine Wind Generators For Boats & Yachts

Leading Edge LE300 - peak power 300W
Leading Edge LE600 - peak power 700W

Marlec Rutland 504 - peak power 60W
Marlec Rutland 913 - peak power 300W

Off-Grid Wind Generators For Remote Power

Leading Edge LE300 - peak power 300W
Leading Edge LE600 - peak power 700W

Marlec Rutland FM910-3 - peak power 150W
Marlec Rutland FM1803-2 - peak power 750W

Bergey XL1 Wind Generator - peak power 1300W

LE600 wind generator in flight...

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