Chint Double Pole MCB Circuit Breaker
    Chint Double Pole MCB Circuit Breaker

    Chint Double Pole MCB Circuit Breaker 80A to 125A, 10kA

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    • DC Rated to 110Vdc, 10kA / 60Vdc, 20kA.
    • Double Pole 80A, 100A, 125A versions.
    • Din rail mount.
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    Chint High Current DC miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are rated from 80A to 125A, and up to 110VDC, making them suitable for use in off-grid solar and wind energy systems. These devices offer a neat & convenient solution for over-current or short circuit protection, as well as for circuit isolation.

    Double pole high current MCBs are often used between the solar pv controller and battery bank in smaller off-grid power systems, where the controller current is too high for most standard MCBs, and the battery voltage is 12, 24 or 48VDC. These MCBs can also be used for smaller inverters. They are designed to mount onto DIN rail, ideally in a 'distribution' box.

    If being used on a battery bank of 48V or under, check the total short-circuit potential of your battery bank is under 20kA - this is generally battery banks of under approx 2000Ah.

    • Trip Curve: C
    • 3-way DIN rail mounting.
    • 110Vdc / 60Vdc Maximum Voltage.
    • 10kA / 20kA Breaking Capacity.
    • Cable sizes up to 50mm2 without blade terminals.

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