DC Motion Sensor PIR Switch 5A, 12-24VDC
    PIR Sensor 12V 24V DC
    DC Motion Sensor PIR Switch 5A, 12-24VDC
    PIR Sensor 12V 24V DC

    DC Motion Sensor PIR Switch 5A, 12-24VDC

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    • High efficiency PIR motion sensor.
    • Powered from 12V or 24V DC
    • Switches a 5A (60W/120W) load.
    • Adjustable light level sensitivity.
    • Adjustable 'on' timer.
    • IP44 External rated.


    New model - 12V/24V PIR sensor - the perfect answer for many solar, wind or battery powered lighting systems. These motion sensors are an essential component of low voltage high efficiency lighting system, ensuring that lights conveniently come on automatically at night, run for the minimum possible time and are never left on by mistake.

    The PIR sensor has a range of up to 12m, an adjustable light level sensor and an adjustable 'on' timer. This allows the sensor to be set to only come on after a selected level of darkness, for an adjustable period of time. This new model of 12V/24V DC PIR sensor is capable of switching a 5A (60W/120W) device.

    Areas of the lens can be masked off to prevent unwanted triggering, and the PIR sensor has a multi-position bracket to enable optimum positioning.

    These PIR motion sensors can be powered from either a 12V or 24V DC supply and are ideal for use with low voltage DC LED or CFL bulbs.

    Features :
    • Wall-mounted motion detector, 180° field of detection.
    • Sensor head can be adjusted laterally to the left and right.
    • Radiation-free passive infrared technology.
    • 'On' timer adjustable between 10 seconds & 15 minutes.
    • Adjustable light level sensor - 5 lux to 1000 lux.
    • Power - standby: 5mA @ 12V = 0,06W
    • Power - active: 6mA @ 12V = 0,072W
    • 5A Switching load capacity @ 12V to 30V DC.
    • IP44 Rated & UV resistant - can be used outside. 

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