Fiamm SMG/S Solar Gel 2V Battery Cell - 1720Ah
    Fiamm Gel 2V Battery Cell
    Fiamm SMG/S Solar Gel 2V Battery Cell - 1720Ah
    Fiamm Gel 2V Battery Cell

    Fiamm SMG/S Solar Gel Battery, 2V Cell, 1720Ah

    Tax excluded - 10 to 12 weeks lead time.
    • High Efficiency Deep Cycle 2V Gel Cells
    • Low maintenance sealed VRLA Gel technology.
    • Robust Tubular Plate Design
    • Easy transportation - non hazardous.
    • Up to 18 year design life (at float).
    • 5 year warranty.

    The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.


    The FIAMM SMG/S tubular GEL range is designed for solar and wind power applications where a high capacity cyclic battery is required. The SMG/S range is made up of 2V cells designed with tubular plate and gel technology.

    Gel batteries are maintenance-free, easy to ship, reliable and offer a wide operating temperature range. The tubular positive plates are intrinsically strong and better suited to deep discharge than flat-plate designs. Gel batteries also have high charging efficiencies and low self-discharge rates.

    Fiamm SMG batteries are supplied as 2-volt cells and are combined to make battery banks of various voltages, typically 12, 24, 48, 60 or 120 VDC. 

    The SMG/S solar range provides excellent value from an established battery manufacturer. Fiamm have been in the battery industry for over 70 years and they are suppliers of car batteries to Mercedes, Ferrari & Maserati. Fiamm have recently been bought by Hitachi Industries.

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    Product Details

    Capacity (Ah)
    1720Ah @ c120 (to 1.85vpc, 20°C)
    Voltage (V)
    2V Cell
    Sealed VRLA
    Terminal Type
    M 10
    210 mm
    698 mm
    275 mm
    98 Kg


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