Leoch Lead Carbon Batteries - High Cyclic Range - 2V Cells
    Leoch Lead Carbon Batteries - High Cyclic Range - 2V Cells

    Leoch LRC2-500 Lead Carbon Battery, 2V Cell, 500Ah

    Tax excluded - 10 to 12 weeks lead time.
    • Leoch LRC2-500 Lead Carbon Battery, 2V Cell
    • High Efficiency Deep Cycle Lead Carbon 2V Gel Cells
    • Low maintenance sealed VRLA AGM technology.
    • Robust Tubular Plate Design
    • Easy transportation - non hazardous.
    • Up to 15 year design life (at float).

    The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.



    Lead Carbon batteries offer all of the benefits of a sealed AGM battery, and more. The addition of carbon to the negative plate brings dramatic performance improvements, and results in a far longer overall life.

    Notably, Lead Carbon technology offers excellent 'partial state of charge' (PSoC) performance, with almost no sulphation between 30% and 70% SoC (State of Charge). Sulphation is the enemy of a traditional lead acid battery and is the primary cause of ageing & failure.

    Another benefit of the carbon additive is that it improves charge acceptance, meaning that they can be charged more quickly than standard AGM batteries. Lead Carbon technology also offers the convenience of sealed (VRLA) construction, low maintenance and a wide temperature tolerance.

    Lead Carbon batteries are ideal for use on off-grid power systems, especially those that cycle the batteries heavily. They are a direct replacement for standard AGM batteries, with very similar dimensions and charging setpoints. Therefore they are an ideal upgrade on boats and in motorhomes.

    Leoch's LRC2Lead Carbon batteries offer '4000 cycles to 60% depth of discharge' (DoD).

    Lead Carbon Benefits in Summary :

    • High charging efficiency (95%) - less wasted energy.
    • Excellent charge acceptance - faster charging.
    • Reduced sulphation - more capacity for longer.
    • Hugely improved PSoC performance - longer life.
    • Low maintenance and no watering - low cost of running.
    • Sealed VRLA construction - almost zero gassing.
    • Drop in replacement - no special charging or management required.
    • Lead acid batteries are >96% recyclable.
    • High reliability & predictable performance.
    • Wide range of operating temperatures (-30 to +60°C).
    • Improved overall battery life.

    Product Details

    Capacity (Ah)
    500Ah @ c10
    Voltage (V)
    2V Cell
    Sealed VRLA
    Terminal Type
    181 mm
    365 mm
    225 mm


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