Sonnenschein A600 Solar Gel Battery 2V, 1695Ah

    Sonnenschein A600 Solar OPzV Gel 2V, 1695Ah

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    • High Efficiency Deep Cycle 2V Gel Cells
    • Low maintenance sealed VRLA Gel technology.
    • Robust Tubular Plate Design
    • Easy transportation - non hazardous.
    • Up to 18 year design life (at float).


    Sonnenschein A600 OPzV deep cycle batteries offer outstanding performance characteristics and are specifically designed for solar and wind applications. Built to order in Germany, the Dryfit A600 range have an excellent reputation for reliable power.

    These high-specification OPzV industrial batteries offer outstanding cyclic performance with extremely low gassing, maintenance-free, dryfit technology. Tubular plates result in a longer working life and the batteries are fully recyclable.

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    Product Details

    Capacity (Ah)
    1644Ah @ c100, 1459Ah @ c24
    Voltage (V)
    2V Cell
    Sealed VRLA
    212 mm
    277 mm
    690 mm
    95 Kg

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