Victron Gel Battery 12V, 220Ah

    Victron Gel Battery 12V, 220Ah

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    • High efficiency, deep cycle 12V gel batteries.
    • Impressive cyclic performance.
    • Maintenance-free sealed VRLA technology.
    • Easily recycled.


    Victron's Gel batteries provide a decent value, durable battery solution for boats, motorhomes and solar & wind power systems.

    The Victron range use high purity materials and lead calcium grids, which helps to ensure a low self-discharge. Like all gel batteries, these require no 'topping up' and are safe to use inside without special venting arrangements. The batteries are supplied with M8 drilled flat copper terminals which provides a good contact and avoids the need for standard clamp-on battery terminals.

    All Victron batteries come with a 2 year warranty and are supplied in ABS fire-resistant cases. 

    Product Details

    Capacity (Ah)
    220Ah @ c20
    Voltage (V)
    12V Block
    Sealed VRLA GEL
    522 mm
    240 mm
    238 mm
    66 Kg

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