To help you decide what size energy system you need, we offer our unique free system design service.

Simply tell us how much power you require and give us details of the site location and in return we'll custom design a solar or wind energy system to your specific requirements.

The stages of this process are :

1- Consider the site's suitability for solar or wind - see :
Siting Considerations.

2- Carefully consider how much power you will need on a daily basis. See : How Much Power Do You Need ?

3- Complete our free* 'System Design Enquiry Form' - see below.

: It is often the efficiency of the devices to be run which determine the viability of most off-grid power systems.

Highly efficient devices make a surprising difference to the cost of any stand-alone energy system. Also, DC devices are normally cheaper to power than AC devices.

Please take the time to review the 'information' and 'applications' sections of this website before contacting our design team, as these sections cover many of the issues that need to be considered in the design of the power system.

The form below submits details of your application to our system design team who use a global meteorological database to establish the site's average monthly solar & wind resources.

We can then estimate output figures for various sizes and types of solar panel & wind turbine, comparing it against your planned loads to establish the correct size of system to power your particular application.

sunshine hours used in system design

* Please note:  We do not charge design fees for the first hour of system design time. If required, extra design time can be negotiated. This service is offered totally at the discretion of the EDC, and if we consider a project not to be viable, we reserve the right to retract the offer of free system design. Due to local site and weather variations, we are unable to guarantee the specific power output of any of the systems we design.

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