To be reliable, an off-grid power system needs to be correctly sized for the location and the anticipated loads.

Our free system sizing service helps to ensure that the solar array, wind turbine, controller, battery bank and inverter are all correctly specified to meet your power requirements.

You tell us how much power you need and give us details of the site location. We'll put this through our system sizing process and recommend an off-grid solar or wind energy system for your project.

If you haven't already, please see the relevant 'applications' pages of this website. 

Information We Need 

  • Where will the system be located and are there any special site-related challenges ? see Siting Considerations.
  • Please complete our 'System Sizing Form' with full details of your application - see below. *

The Sizing Process

The system sizing form submits details of the site, power requirements and your application to our system design team. Our engineers then use a global meteorological database to establish the site's average monthly solar & wind resources.

The meteo data, along with the client's load profile, is imported into our system sizing software. The software allows our engineers to select and specify all system components, and provides a detailed graph showing the estimated power output plotted against the anticipated loads.

After review, the complete system sizing document which includes a detailed quotation, are emailed to the client in PDF format. Our standard turn-around time for this service is approximately two working days, although larger and more complex systems can take longer.

meteo data is used to size off-grid power systems

* Please note:  We do not charge design fees for the first hour of system design time. If required, extra design time can be negotiated. This service is offered totally at the discretion of the EDC, and if we consider a project not to be viable, we reserve the right to retract the offer of free system design. Due to local site and weather variations, we are unable to guarantee the specific power output of any of the systems we design.

Our Clients