Please feel free to experiment with our NEW system sizing calculator. It is currently in Beta Testing Mode and the results should be carefully checked, as bugs probably exist.

This online sizing tool is under continual ongoing development. Please understand that we accept no liability for any issues as a result of using it. 

The calculator makes a few basic assumptions and will never be as comprehensive as having a system properly designed for you by an experienced off-grid power engineer. However, it is intended to give a quick ballpark idea of the size of system required for any particular load level.

Features include : 

  • Load Calculation Sheet - establish how much power you require.
  • Battery & PV Array Sizing - help sizing the battery bank and solar pv array.
  • Controller & Cable Sizing - work out what spec of solar controller and cables you need.
  • Save complete webpage as a unique name and share it or work on it later.

Note on Cables : Maximum cable currents are based on H07-RNF single core cable, which is a common cable used for DC systems, as it is tough, flexible and double-insulated. However the current rating will be roughly similar for other types of cable (solar cable for example). 


off grid pv system design calculator

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