Remote telemetry or data collection projects are often sited a distance away from the nearest mains supply. 

  • Off-grid solar or wind generated power offers a cost-effective remote power solution, capable of being deployed in the remotest of locations.
  • Modern telemetry, RTU and data monitoring equipment is becoming increasingly efficient, requiring relatively small amounts of power to record and transmit data.
  • The cost of any stand-alone power system is directly related to the amount of power required. As a result, remote solar or wind powered telemetry systems are becoming increasingly viable.
  • Most off-grid power systems consist of solar pv panels and sometimes a wind generator. Both of these sources are used to charge deep cycle batteries, via charge controller. 

Secure & Reliable Power

Solar powered wireless, radio or GSM telemetry systems provide highly reliable, cable-free data monitoring solutions. Being completely independent power systems, even when the national grid goes down, a solar or wind powered system will continue to record & transmit data.

The battery bank on a solar or wind power system acts like a large uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However the battery is normally much bigger than on a UPS, and so is able to power the system for much longer, quite often with 7 to 10 days autonomy. For 'mission critical' systems, more autonomy can be specified and high levels of redundancy can be incorporated from the outset.

The solar panels or wind generator are sized to produce an excess of power all through the year, thus the battery bank is always being topped up from the wind or the sun.

The Importance Of Efficiency

With a solar & wind powered telemetry system, every watt of power saved reduces the capital cost. Power requirements can vary widely from one similar data collection device to another. Therefore, for maximum return on investment, it is important to carefully select the most efficient telemetry equipment on the market.

Due to the fact that most telemetry systems are running 24 hours, 7 days per week, it is highly beneficial if the data acquisition equipment can be powered from a DC source, ideally 12V or 24V nominal.

Using a straight DC supply eliminates the need for DC to AC inverters in the system. Inverters have conversion & standby losses which would push the power consumption up substantially. It also makes for a simpler and more cost-effective power system.

Custom Designed Wind & Solar Power Systems

We specialise in the supply of independent solar and wind power systems, specifically tailored towards remote data monitoring applications.

Each system is custom designed, using local meteo data, to meet the client's exact specification. 

Please contact us with full details of your telemetry application – we'll be happy to help establish what solar or wind power equipment will be required.

When contacting our system design team, please provide details of device supply voltage, average power draw, average running hours per day and the site location. This is the primary information we need to be able to suggest a solution for your application.

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