Panasonic HIT Solar PV Panel 250W

    Panasonic HIT N250 Solar PV Panel 250Wp

    Tax excluded - Delivered within 7-14 days
    • High efficiency hybrid mono-crystalline solar cells.
    • 10 year manufacturing, 25 year performance warranties.
    • Strong anodised black aluminium frame with drainage.
    • Potted junction box, MC4 compatible connectors.


    The Panasonic HIT solar cell is made of a thin monocrystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.

    This hybrid combination enables the cells to reach 22% efficiency. With its very low temperature coefficient of only -0.29%/°C, the HIT solar cell can maintain a higher efficiency than a conventional crystalline silicon solar cell, even at high temperatures.

    Producing outstanding quality panels, Panasonic has been committed to quality since it began developing and manufacturing solar PV technology in 1975.

    Product Details

    Rated Output - Watts peak (Wp)
    250 Wp
    Solar Cell Type
    Voltage max power (Vmp)
    44.3 Vdc
    Voltage open circuit (Voc)
    53.2 Vdc
    Current short circuit (Isc)
    6.03 A
    798 mm
    1580 mm
    35 mm
    15 kg

    Further Information

    About Panasonic

    On an off-grid power system, Panasonic HIT solar pv panels need to be used with an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller to reduce the voltage so that it's suitable for battery charging.

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