Sun Pearl 50W PV Module

    Sun Pearl Solar PV Panel 50 Wp

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    • Ultra-high efficiency shingle cell technology.
    • 10 year performance warranty.
    • Strong anodised aluminium frame.
    • MC4 compatible connectors.
    • Suitable for 12V batteries.


    The Sun Pearl 50W solar pv panels are one of the smallest 50W panels on the market. The Sun Pearl range uses ultra-high efficiency shingle cell technology, resulting in more power from a smaller space. With black anodised aluminium frames, these smart solar panels are perfect for small off-grid pv systems.

    Sun Pearl solar pv modules are manufactured using innovative shingle cell technology. Without the surface cell connectors (bus bars), the module gets a homogeneous appearance with its dark mono cells. Each parallel string generates full module voltage and therefore the pv module can provide the performance of the remaining strings despite shading individual cells or strings. 

    The Sun Pearl range are fitted with industry standard MC4 solar connectors on 90cm flyleads. The panels all carry a 10 year performance warranty for peace of mind.

    Product Details

    Rated Output - Watts peak (Wp)
    50 Wp
    Solar Cell Type
    Shingle cell technology
    Voltage max power (Vmp)
    19.7 Vdc
    Voltage open circuit (Voc)
    Current short circuit (Isc)
    2.73 A
    590 mm
    510 mm
    35 mm
    4.1 kg
    2 (10) yrs

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