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Jinko Maxim Cheetah Black Solar PV Panel 305 Wp

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  • Shade tolerant Maxim MPPT on each cell string.
  • High efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells.
  • 10 year manufacturing, 25 year performance warranties.
  • Strong silver anodised aluminium frame.
  • MC4 compatible connectors.


Solar modules that are expected to be exposed to the environment for at least 25 years can be affected by conditions such as; shading, soiling, aging, temperature gradients, and more. Mismatch caused by these factors in a panel or among various panels can cause the system to lose power. JinkoSolar Smart Module solutions solves these problems and produce in up to 20% more energy under these unfavorable conditions.

JinkoSolar Smart Module optimized by Maxim pushes Maximum Power Point Tracking deep into the module; offering 100x more granular power tracking than string inverters and 3x more granular than panel optimizer technologies. The highly distributed MPPT architecture affords improved tolerance to shading, reduction in power degradation, and even enables denser system design on ideal unshaded rooftop and ground-mount systems.

  • Push the MPPT function deep into the PV system
  • Finer granularity of power control ensures most possible energy output
  • Tolerance of crossbank shading enables greater power density in constrained areas
  • Improve design flexibility by enabling uneven strings and multiple orientations within a string
  • Enhance long-term cell reliability by eliminating hot-spots

Product Details

Rated Output - Watts peak (Wp)
305 Wp
Solar Cell Type
Voltage max power (Vmp)
31.2 Vdc
Voltage open circuit (Voc)
35 Vdc
Current short circuit (Isc)
12 A
1002 mm
1665 mm
35 mm
19 kg



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