Blue Sky SB1524iX MPPT

    Blue Sky SB1524iX MPPT Solar Controller, 15A, 12-24V

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    • Marine MPPT Controller.
    • Full IPN Networking.
    • Aux 2A charging for starter battery.
    • 5 Year warranty.


    The Solar Boost 1524iX offers a high efficiency, fully featured Maximum Power Point Tracking solar charge controller for a competitive price.

    The SB1524iX can also be used with one of Blue Sky's IPN remote digital displays - enabling the controller to be positioned close to the batteries and the remote display to be mounted conveniently elsewhere.

    The auxiliary output connection can either be used to charge a second battery at 2A, or as a 15/20A low voltage disconnect (LVD) which prevents over-discharge of the batteries in remote unattended systems. The 2A battery charge feature is ideal for charging a separate battery such as the engine battery in a boat or motorhome.

    The SB1524iX features full 'IPN pro' network capability, which allows up to 8 Blue Sky solar controllers to work together as one, as well as share a single remote temperature sensor & digital display.

    Features :

    • Auxiliary output: 15/20A load controller or charges a 2nd battery @ 2A.
    • Conformal coated electronics for harsh environments.
    • Automatic or manual battery equalization process.
    • Automatic current limit on solar pv.
    • 3-stage charge control system.
    • Solar pv Voc up to 45.6VDC.
    • IPN Pro networkable.
    • Full 5 year warranty.
    • New - 'Dusk to dawn' lighting* control feature on load controller.

    Optional battery temperature sensor.

    Optional remote digital display.

    *Requires IPN Pro remote display for set-up.  

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    Battery Voltage (V)
    Max PV Voltage (Voc)

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