Blue Sky SB3000i MPPT

    Blue Sky SB3000i MPPT Solar Controller, 30A, 12V

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    • Marine MPPT Controller with digital display.
    • Full IPN Networking.
    • Aux 2A charging for starter battery.
    • 5 Year warranty.


    The SB3000i solar pv controller provides up to 30A of MPPT charging current for a 12VDC battery system.

    With the added benefit of a digital LCD display, the SB3000i shows battery voltage and incoming current from the solar pv panels, as well as how much current is being put into the batteries. Using Blue Sky's advanced current boosting MPPT technology, the controller is particularly suitable for boat & mobile solar pv systems.

    Backed by Blue Sky's 5 year warranty, the SB3000i provides an excellent upgrade for an existing solar pv system.

    Features :

    • Conformal coated electronics for harsh environments.
    • Automatic or manual battery equalization process.
    • Automatic current limit on solar pv.
    • 3-stage charging + equalization.
    • Solar pv Voc up to 40VDC.
    • Full IPN Networking.
    • 5 year warranty.
    • Aux 2A output for starter battery charging.

    Optional battery temperature sensor.

    Product Details

    Rated Current (A)
    Battery Voltage (V)
    Max PV Voltage (Voc)

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