Genasun GV5 Lithium Solar Controller, 5A, 12.5V
    Genasun GV5 Lithium Solar Controller, 5A, 12.5V
    Genasun GV5 Lithium Solar Controller, 5A, 12.5V
    Genasun GV5 Lithium Solar Controller, 5A, 12.5V

    Genasun GV5 Lithium Solar Controller, 5A, 12.5V

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    • Small high efficiency MPPT Controller.
    • Suitable for 3S Lithium Batteries.
    • Temperature compensation.
    • Load LVD connection.
    • 10 Year warranty.


    GV-5 5A 12.5V Lithium MPPT Charge Controller 

    Battery Type : 3S Lithium Cobalt Oxide
    Battery Nominal Voltage: 11.1V Li-ion/LiPo/LiCoO₂ (3S)

    Genasun offer a range of super-efficient MPPT solar controllers, ideal for smaller solar pv systems.

    These compact 5A high efficiency MPPT solar pv controllers are suited to charging Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs. Genasun GV5 controllers are fitted with a multi-function LED to indicate system charge status & errors, as well as built-in temperature compensation. All GV5 controllers are internally fused and are covered by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

    Special order : Lithium Cobalt/Polymer Models : GV-5-Li-16.7V. (MOQ 2 units).

    • The original Ceramic Drive solar charge controller. 
    • 99.85% Peak Efficiency
    • Electrolytic-Free, Ceramic Capacitors
    • Doesn't wear out from heat
    • High-Speed MPPT

    LITHIUM WARNING: Take care when working with lithium systems. Genasun Li controllers use the CC/CV charging profile indicated on the controller. Check the specifications of the battery pack to ensure that the CV voltage is correct. Further check that the power supplied by the solar array and Genasun controller is within the battery specified design limits.

    LITHIUM BMS WARNING: Genasun recommends using a lithium battery with a Battery Management System (BMS) capable of disconnecting the solar charge controller in the event that any cell in the pack is outside of its rated temperature, current, or voltage range. Failure to do so may result in property damage, injury or death. Genasun highly recommends the use of a BMS with cell balancing. Cell balancing is mandatory for lithium-iron phosphate systems.  

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    About Genasun - Ultra Efficient MPPT Solar Controllers

    Much of Genasun's product line carries a 10 year warranty due to the use of ceramic capacitors, which basically never degrade. Their controllers also feature ultra low self-consumption, fast MPPT tracking and very high efficiency.

    One product in particular is unique in the industry - the GV Boost. This is a step-up MPPT controller which allows a 12V solar panel to charge a 24, 36 or 48V battery bank. For many smaller industrial applications, this offers the perfect solution.

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