Genasun GV8 Boost (IP68)
    Genasun GV8 Boost (IP68)

    Genasun GV8 Boost (IP68) - Step Up Solar Controller, 24-48V

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    • Step-up MPPT Controller - IP68 Rated.
    • Use a 12V panel to charge a 24, 36 or 48V battery.
    • Temperature compensation.
    • 5 Year warranty.


    Get your money’s worth with Genasun.

    A true problem-solver, the unique GVB charge controller with MPPT allows a lower-voltage solar panel to charge higher-voltage batteries. Want to charge a 24V battery with a 48-cell solar panel? No problem. A 48V battery from a 12V panel? We’ve got you covered. With 99% peak efficiency, they are the industry’s most efficient voltage-boosting controllers. True MPPT delivers consistent performance, unlike the “Nominal MPPT” of competitors. The advanced electronics inside the controller are encased in a proprietary potting compound making them ideal for golf-cart, marine, and vehicle applications

    Running circles around the Competition

    You have a limited amount of space on the roof of your golf cart. Advanced electronics in the GVB controller extract more usable power from your panel than any other controller. These solar charge controllers are fully waterproof, which makes them ideal for golf carts and other applications where the controller will be exposed to moisture.

    Boosting Panel Voltage Saves Money

    Most solar charge controllers move power from a higher voltage panel to a lower voltage battery bank. The GVB-series controllers, in contrast, pump electricity up hill. These golf cart solar charge controllers will take almost any solar panel and boost the voltage to charge a 36V or 48V battery pack. Because these controllers feature true MPPT, no configuration is necessary; the controller will automatically adapt to your panel. Larger panels are cheaper per Watt than smaller panels, so using one large panel and a boost controller results in a significantly lower system cost than smaller panels in series with a conventional charge controller, not to mention simpler wiring and installation.

    Product Details

    Rated Current (A)
    Battery Voltage (V)
    24 - 48
    Max PV Voltage (Voc)


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