Outback FM80 Flexmax MPPT Controller 80A, 150V

    Outback FM80 Flexmax MPPT Controller 80A, 150V

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    • High efficiency MPPT controller.
    • Integrated digital display.
    • System data & error logging.
    • 5 year warranty.


    The OutBack Flexmax FM80 Controller has led the revolution in modern solar charge controllers, with it's advanced MPPT software algorithm developed by some of the world's leading solar electronics engineers.

    Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) can result in up to 33% additional power over standard PWM controllers. Solar panels can also be wired in almost any voltage configuration, enabling the use of smaller cables with less parallel connections. With a built-in backlit display, the FM60 shows the current status of the system and logged performance data for 128 days. 

    The MATE 2 and MATE 3 remote displays units offer additional networking capability.

    Product Details

    Rated Current (A)
    Battery Voltage (V)
    12 - 48
    Max PV Voltage (Voc)

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