Victron SmartSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller

    Victron SmartSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller

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    • High efficiency, fast 15A MPPT controller.
    • Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Load control.
    • 5 year warranty.


    Victron's 15A, 75V charge controller offers a high specification, current boosting MPPT controller in a compact package. The controller features an ultra-fast MPPT tracking algorithm and intelligent battery management to maximise battery life.

    The SmartSolar range include Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to monitor the power system from your digital device.

    Also features load LVD connection to prevent over-discharge.

    5 Year warranty.

    Product Details

    Rated Current (A)
    Battery Voltage (V)
    12 - 24
    Max PV Voltage (Voc)

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