Leading Edge Run Stop Switch
    Run Stop Switch - Leading Edge Range
    Leading Edge Run Stop Switch
    Run Stop Switch - Leading Edge Range

    Run Stop Switch - Leading Edge Range

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    • Run / Stop Switch for Leading Edge turbines.
    • Acts as a brake for the wind turbine.
    • Now easier to wire with larger enclosure.
    • IP65 Rated.


    The Leading Edge Run/Stop switch is recommended for any of their wind generators. It acts as an isolator and a brake switch, which can bring the wind generator to a near stop by placing a short-circuit across the generator's output.

    Due to the design of the Leading Edge alternators, the short circuit puts the wind turbine into 'dynamic braking’ mode. The blades will slow right down until almost stopped, which gives the opportunity to manually tether the turbine before a storm or maintenance.

    The switch is only designed to be used as a temporary 'stop', and is not to be used for long periods in strong winds - as it could damage the turbine.

    Supplied in a pre-assembled, compact enclosure making it easy to wire-in and mount. When installing, screw the terminal connections for 2.5mm cable.

    Install anywhere – IP65 rated switch enclosure means that the switch can be installed at the tower base

    Approximate dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 85 x 80mm

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