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Marlec Rutland FM1803-2, 850Wp

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  • Whisper quiet blade design.
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  • 12 V
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Marlec's FM1803 was first produced back in 1989 and has since built an excellent reputation for being a quiet and reliable wind generator. Now, with an additional blade and a new design of controller, the latest evolution of the Rutland 1803-2 wind turbine produces even more power.

The new three bladed Rutland FM1803 wind generator provides up to 850W peak, making it suitable for a wide variety of off-grid applications. The FM1803 has been deployed in range of applications from remote telecoms to small off-grid buildings.

The Rutland 1803 has a low friction, flywheel-type alternator, which keeps the turbine spinning between gusts of wind. This results in more power into the battery bank. Full encapsulation of the alternator windings protects them from the elements and the harshest of weather.

The FM1803 also incorporates a furling tail system, which ensures the turbine is not damaged by storm force winds. A high voltage 3 phase generator unit enables long cable runs from the turbine to the controller & battery bank. In turn, this helps optimal positioning of the turbine in the most windy location.

Finely balanced in the factory, the Rutland FM1803 is a smooth running wind turbine, almost silent at lower wind speeds, and with a gentle 'swishing' sound in higher winds. The turbine is designed to mount onto an 81mm internal, 91mm outside diameter, galvanised steel mast.

The MPC1 electronic charge controller is included with the FM1803 turbine. This new controller features a digital status display and automatic power ratio optimisation, as well as protecting the batteries from overcharge. The controller will automatically shut the turbine down when the batteries are full to prevent unnecessary wear.

Rutland FM1803 Features :

- Produces 36 Watts @ 5m/s, 414 Watts @ 11m/s and up to 850 Watts peak.
- Starts generating at wind speeds as low as 3m/s (6-7mph).
- 1.8m rotor diameter, new improved 3 bladed design.
- No radiated interference - to BS EN 89/336/EEC.
- Brushless alternator requires no maintenance.
- Sealed-for-life bearings for a long service life.
- Available in 12V or 24V versions.  

Product Details

Rated Output - Watts peak (Wp)
160 Wp
6 kg
2 years



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