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Solar PV Panel Kits For Off-Grid Power Systems

Solar pv panel kits for off-grid buildings...

Custom Designed PV Solar Panel Kits

Our unique off-grid solar panel kits are custom designed to meet your exact power needs. You tell us what you want to power, how long for and the location for the system - and we'll custom design a solar pv kit to meet your specific requirements.

EDC solar pv panel kits provide a professionally designed off-grid solar power system, designed to meet all current UK DTI guidelines, in an easy-to-install 'plug & play' kit.

Over the past 15 years we've designed & supplied solar pv kits for a huge variety of off-grid power applications including; remote buildings, remote lighting systems, remote well pumping systems and mountaineering expeditions.

We also supply bespoke solar power systems for remote commercial & industrial applications such as data monitoring, bus shelter lighting, sign lighting and cctv systems.

Bespoke Solar Power - Kits That Work

The problem with all 'off-the-shelf' solar panel kits is that they are designed to make things easy for the manufacturer - not for the customer, who has to match their power needs to one of the standardised kits.

The other issue is that a standard solar pv kit will produce significantly different amounts of power in different locations and at different panel orientations. Therefore in our opinion, standardised kits are never really going to do the job. The only way to ensure complete customer satisfaction is to custom design the system using local meteo data.

In the process of designing your system, our system designers will often be able to suggest the most cost effective high efficiency devices to power from your system. These include CFL and LED lighting, digital music amplifiers, as well as high efficiency fridges & freezers.

Plug & Play - Making Solar Installations Simple

EDC bespoke 'plug & play' solar kits enable any electrical contractor or competant person to install the system. All of our kits are supplied with full technical support (it's very rarely required - when you get your solar kit, please feel free to call our tech support guys just to say hello, as they may be getting lonely).

An EDC custom designed plug & play solar panel kit will typically consist of :

  • Solar electric (pv) panel array - sized to meet anticipated loads.

  • Solar panel mounting hardware to suit installation location.

  • Solar charge controller - sized to match solar array.

  • Deep cycle battery - sized to match anticipated loads.

  • MCBs - overcurrent protection & circuit isolators matched to system - as per DTI recommended guidelines.

  • DC Control panel - custom built, pre-wired & tested in our workshop - provides easy connection points for all cables.

  • Plug & Play cable sets - sized to your defined cable run lengths, designed to minimise voltage drop and eliminate the need for special cable termination tools etc. Includes battery cables, solar cables and load / inverter cables.

Control panels for solar power kits

Our solar panel kits are all designed to fully comply with all current UK DTI & IEE recommended  guidelines for solar electric systems.

Many solar panel kits currently on the market do not meet UK DTI recommended guidelines as they were not specifically designed for use in the UK.

EDC custom solar kits are currently available on a two to three week lead time - this gives us time to assemble your cables and control board. Some specialised (larger) battery banks are assembled to order in the factory and therefore extend the lead time to approx 6 or 8 weeks.

Please see our system design page for details of the information we require to customise your solar kit. If you have any questions or require any advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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