Expeditions, researchers, film-makers and hikers all face the challenge of keeping their mobile devices charged in remote locations.

In the past, the only option for power was using gas or petrol fuelled generator sets. However this involves transporting the both the fuel and the generator, which are relatively bulky and heavy.

For a similar or less weight & space, a portable solar pv system can deliver more than enough power to charge most portable electronic devices.

At the EDC we custom design & produce high quality portable solar power systems. We are proud to have supplied expeditions all over the world, including the British Everest Expedition.

More recently, we also supplied a mobile power system for a film crew :

"In thirty years of making adventure and expedition films, our journey with the acclaimed landscape photographer Colin Prior to Pakistan presented a number of significant new challenges to our team.

Once we had departed from Askole and journeyed to the Baltoro glacier, we needed to be entirely self-sufficient with no opportunity to return to 'base' until the filming was complete. We'd said goodbye to our last mains electricity for the next few weeks!

The Baltoro is one of the world's longest glaciers - a magical landscape surrounded by the great mountains of the Karakoram - K2, the Gasherbrum peaks, Broad Peak,the Muztagh and Trango Towers. Yet this can also be an inhospitable place at times and we needed equipment that could stand up to the rigours of air travel; survive a journey up the notorious Karakoram Highway and then with porters through the difficult terrain of the Baltoro.

We required kit that could be relied upon; was extremely robust and easy to use. I'm delighted (and relieved!) to say that the equipment you supplied met all these requirements and knowing that it would not let us down, enabled us to concentrate on making the best possible film. I'd have no hesitation in recommending it unreservedly and you'll be the first people we'll speak to when we plan our next big adventure. "

Richard Else, Executive Producer, Triple Echo Productions.

portable solar pv power system for film-making

solar pv power system for research expedition Greenland

To keep the mobile or portable solar power system as small as possible, it's important that all of the devices to be powered are specifically selected for their low power draw. As with any off-grid solar pv system, efficiency is the key.

For smaller portable power systems it is often most efficient to charge everything from a 12V or 24V dc supply. This eliminates the need for an inverter and the myriad of 240V AC chargers, which often just convert the power down to low voltage dc again.

Devices such as radios, GPS, lights, phones & laptops can all be powered. One of our more recent portable systems also powers a small LED projector, together with a high efficiency stereo and DVD player.

Larger mobile power systems will require batteries to store the power. Due to the low cost, very often lead acid batteries are used. However as battery technology improves, the cost of high tech, lighter weight lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries has been dropping. Although still comparatively expensive, the weight saving of lithium-ion batteries can be substantial.

Lightweight flexible solar panels can be attached to backpacks or tents, avoiding the need for any mounting system.

Custom Designed Portable Solar Kits

EDC custom expedition solar panel kits provide a professionally designed portable solar power system, in an easy to use 'plug & play' kit. 

If you would like a mobile or portable system custom designed for your project, please contact our system design team who are happy to help.

To enable us to design a system, we need to know what you want to power, how long for and the destination of your expedition, along with maximum weights/dimensions - and we'll use our experience to custom design a portable solar kit to meet your exact requirements.