We provide free e-mail and telephone technical support, for the entire lifetime of the power system. 

Whether you are experiencing problems with your power system, having trouble setting up your controller or want some advice on wiring, we're here to help.

  • Fusing & Cabling
  • Installation Guidance 
  • Controller & Inverter Set-up 
  • Software / Firmware Updates
  • System Faults / Diagnosis
  • Battery Wiring / Testing
  • Warranty Returns
  • System Upgrades

This remote support service is offered free of charge for all www.solar-wind.co.uk customers and is available between the hours of 09:30 and 17:30 (GMT), Monday to Friday. 

Technical support is one of the primary functions of our business. Occasionally something goes wrong. We're here to help put it right. 

As a company, we're in the enviable position of having experienced in-house engineers who enjoy being challenged and gain satisfaction problem-solving for our clients.

We feed-back any system faults or component failures to our design engineers, suppliers & manufacturers. Pro-active system design, attention to detail and a strong emphasis on quality all help maximise system reliability.

With over 60 years of combined industry experience and rapid response times, our technical support crew will be there if you need us.

Flexible Support Packages

Industrial and commercial clients may require a higher level of service and support, especially for mission-critical power systems.

It's sometimes worth paying a little extra to know that your systems are being remotely monitored and that an engineer will come out to your site at short notice.

        • Remote System Monitoring & 24/7 Alarms
        • Technical Callouts / Site Visits
        • Load & Site Surveys
        • Emergency Out-of-hours Support

Bespoke annual support packages available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Product Datasheets & Installation Manuals

You can find PDF product datasheets, user manuals, wiring diagrams and technical notes on our product pages in our webstore. Use the catalog search facility to find the product quickly.

Learn More...

If you want to learn more about off-grid power systems the internet offers some excellent tutorial videos.  The videos featured below were kindly put together by our colleagues at Genasun / Sunforge.

Using Multimeters
Troubleshooting Batteries
Advanced Troubleshooting