Solar Garden Pump Kits

solar powered garden water pumps for ponds and water features

Our unique solar pump kits are perfect for garden ponds or water features. We have designed these kits to provide the perfect solution for safe and reliable water aeration in the UK climate. 

The pumps are supplied by German pump specialist, OASE. Their pumps come with a 5 year warranty. All pumps are supplied with 3 fountain nozzles and a pipe fitment, and feature a versatile water strainer design.

To compensate for the UK's somewhat cloudy climate, the solar pv panels are all significantly over-sized. All of the kits are available with optional mounting frames & extension leads for the solar panel. 

To select the correct pump system for your application, establish roughly how many litres per hour you expect to see flowing out of your water feature, and how high the pump needs to lift the water. You can then refer to the pump performance charts to establish which pump to use.