Hoppecke SunPower VR/L 2V Gel Batteries

Hoppecke SunPower VR/L deep cycle solar batteries

Hoppecke SunPower VR/L Gel batteries are widely used in industrial back-up, standby, and off-grid solar applications. The individual 2V Cells can be wired to 12V, 24V, 48V or higher.

  • OPzV tubular plate gel batteries offer excellent deep cycling characteristics, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value. 
  • High Efficiency Deep Cycle 2V Gel Cells
  • Low maintenance sealed VRLA Gel technology.
  • Robust Tubular Plate Design
  • Easy transportation - non hazardous.
  • Up to 18 year design life (at float).

Hoppecke Batteries is the largest European owned battery company and has a turnover of over € 400 million. The company was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Brilon, Germany.

If you would like any help or advice with regard to correctly sizing the battery bank for your application - please don't hesitate to contact our system design engineers.