We're often asked if we supply complete off-grid solar or wind power kits.

The answer, is yes we do.... although all of our kits are custom designed, to ensure that they are correctly sized for the anticipated power demand.

Our complete system kits come with every single cable, fuse, and mcb needed. The systems are specifically designed to minimise the need for specialist tools and extra components and make the installation process quick and simple.

You can even choose to have the control panel pre-assembled in our workshop. This means that the entire system can be pre-wired to a high standard, bringing the installation time down from days to hours.

pre-wired solar pv control panel

Kits For All Applications

In 22 years of business, we've designed & supplied custom solar kits for a diverse variety of off-grid power applications : 

  • Remote Industrial Sites - Telemetry, Networking, Communications and Security.
  • Solar Water Pumping - Remote Wells, Boreholes, Cattle Watering & Irrigation.
  • Off-Grid Buildings - Houses, Outbuildings, Barns and Stables.
  • Leisure & Marine - Motorhomes & Caravans, Boats and Yachts.
  • Portable Power Systems - Film Making & Research Expeditions.

complete solar pv kits

Solar Power Kits That Work

The problem with all 'off-the-shelf' solar panel kits is that they are designed to make things easy for the manufacturer - not for the customer. The unfortunate customer has to try and estimate what the kit will produce given the system location and match their power needs to this output level.

The other complication is that any solar pv kit will produce significantly different amounts of power in different locations, at different panel orientations, and at different times of the year.

In our experience, the only way to ensure completely reliable and stable power supply is to custom size the system using local meteo data.

In the process of sizing your system, our system design engineers will often suggest energy-saving measures that can make a dramatic difference to the viability of a project.

Plug & Play - Making Solar Installations Simple

Our bespoke 'plug & play' solar kits make it super-easy for any electrical contractor to install the system. All of our solar kits include full email & telephone technical support for the lifetime of the system.

An EDC custom-designed plug & play solar panel kit typically consists of :

  • Solar pv panel array - sized to meet anticipated loads.
  • Solar panel mounting hardware to suit installation location.
  • Solar charge controller - sized to match solar array.
  • Deep cycle battery - sized to match anticipated loads.
  • MCBs - overcurrent protection & circuit isolators matched to system.
  • DC Control panel - custom built, pre-wired & tested in our workshop - provides easy connection points for all cables.
  • Plug & Play cable sets - sized to your defined cable run lengths, designed to minimise voltage drop and eliminate the need for special cable termination tools etc. Includes battery cables, solar cables and load / inverter cables.

To have an off-grid power system custom sized for your application - please see our system sizing page.