The remote nature of many security systems, coupled with the low power draw of some today's ultra-efficient cameras, makes CCTV an ideal application for solar or wind power.

Stand-alone solar powered wireless CCTV technology means that the entire system can be installed without running power or data cables, both of which can be extremely costly over a wide area.

An additional benefit is the independence of the power supply. Even when the national grid goes down or there is a local power cut, a stand-alone solar powered CCTV system will continue to operate.

solar wind powered ptz camera

Solar & wind powered pan & tilt CCTV camera.

solar pv powered dome cctv

The Benefits Of Efficiency

Modern network or IP cameras are ideal for use with a solar pv system due to their high efficiency and their ability to send the images off-site via a wireless data signal. These cameras can use as little as 3 watts.

Most remote CCTV systems are in continuous operation, therefore it is important to eliminate power hungry devices such as heated camera housings or digital image storage drives.

If necessary, we strongly recommend buying an "extreme" camera housing which are so well insulated, that they will allow the camera to operate in temperatures as low as -50 deg C, without any additional heating.

Use of a DC to AC inverter to convert the battery power (DC) to mains (AC) is not recommended, due to the inefficiencies added to the system. A wide range of high efficiency 12v or 24v dc cameras are on the market.

Very often, it will prove more cost effective to replace an older security camera system with a new one, just because of the modern equipment's reduced power requirement. Modern cameras use ultra-violet LEDs for night filming, which are much more efficient than other techniques.

Custom Designed Solar CCTV Power Kits

At the EDC, we can design & supply bespoke solar or wind power systems for your specific CCTV application. We also offer 'plug & play' power kits, with pre-wired control boards and customised cable sets. Our fully tested plug & play power systems are exceptionally simple to install, saving your installation engineers many hours of on-site work.

Due to the critical nature of most security systems, we suggest that you establish the average power draw of your planned CCTV equipment, and then pass details of your requirements to our system design team, who will be happy to design & cost a suitable power system for you.

When contacting us, please include details such as CCTV site location, daily watt hours required and the supply voltage of the camera.