Alfatronix 12-24V DC to 5V USB Converter 3A

    Alfatronix 12-24V DC to 5V USB Converter 3A

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    • High efficiency voltage converter.
    • Enables charging of 2x USB devices.
    • Over-temperature protected.
    • Lifetime warranty.


    Top quality, high efficiency, high current USB charging socket with dual ports.

    These new USB chargers can be powered from a 12V or 24Vdc battery system, and will charge almost any USB powered device.

    The advanced design will also automatically detect if the device is an Apple or Android configuration and alter the charging process accordingly. This ensures that whatever device is connected, be it Apple, Android, iPad, phone or tablet, it will always be charged as fully as time and capacity allow.

    With Alfatronix's lifetime warranty - you can be assured that you are buying the best quality USB charger system on the market. 

    • Off load current (quiescent current) <1.5mA
    • Power conversion efficiency 86%
    • Voltage in: 9-32 Vdc
    • Voltage out: 5 Vdc
    • Continuous current: 3A 

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