Hoppecke SunPower Gel Battery 2V, 1125Ah

    Hoppecke SunPower VR/L 1125 OPzV, 2V, 1125Ah

    Tax excluded - 10 to 12 weeks lead time.
    • High Efficiency Deep Cycle 2V Gel Cells
    • Low maintenance sealed VRLA Gel technology.
    • Robust Tubular Plate Design
    • Easy transportation - non hazardous.
    • Up to 18 year design life (at float).

    The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.


    Hoppecke Batteries is the largest European owned battery company and has a turnover of over € 400 million. Hoppecke was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Brilon, Germany. 

    Hoppecke's OPzV tubular plate gel batteries offer excellent deep cycling characteristics, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value.  

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    Product Details

    Capacity (Ah)
    1271Ah @ c100, 1143Ah @ c24
    Voltage (V)
    2V Cell
    Sealed VRLA
    Terminal Type
    M 10
    215 mm
    235 mm
    710 mm
    75.6 Kg

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