Alfatronix PT100 Battery Protect 100A LVD
    Alfatronix PT100 Battery Protect 100A LVD

    Alfatronix 100A Battery Protect LVD PT100

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    • Battery discharge & overvoltage protection.
    • Programmable settings.
    • Remote switch connection.
    • Alarm connection.
    • Lifetime warranty.


    These programmable low voltage disconnects offer a simple, low cost and unobtrusive method for protecting your battery from damage due to total discharge.

    They are constructed from die cast aluminium and glass reinforced polycarbonate offering a very solid construction. The PT100 battery guards have three fixing points and can be fixed even to uneven or awkward chassis positions. Power connections are by way of brass bolts (to minimise voltage drops) with protection between the terminals.

    Voltage: Autoselects 12Vdc or 24Vdc
    Current capacity: 100A
    Lifetime Warranty 

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