List of products by brand Blue Sky Energy

Founded in 1993, Blue Sky Energy are probably the world's most established MPPT solar controller manufacturers. Blue Sky's patented solar boost technology can provide a current boost of up to 33%, which ensures you get the most power out of your solar panel array.

Blue Sky's experience shows with their comprehensive range. Features such as dusk to dawn lighting control and secondary battery charging make Solar Boost controllers suitable for a wide variety of off-grid solar pv applications.

Blue Sky's range goes from 25A to 50A and up to 8 solar boost controllers can be connected together to control larger pv systems as a single machine - providing up to 400 amps of charge regulation. Solar Boost controllers are available with a networking function called IPN, which allows them to share information and also enables the remote digital display unit to have full functionality.

All Blue Sky controllers come with a 5 year warranty.