List of products by brand Outback Power

Outback Power's flagship Flexmax solar MPPT controllers have, over the last few years, become the standard for medium to larger off-grid solar pv systems.

Outback's engineers have used their vast experience (many of them being ex Trace Engineering design engineers) and provided a highly versatile and customisable design, which has proven to be exceptionally reliable. Outback's Flexmax MPPT controllers are supplied with a 5 year warranty as standard.

An MPPT controller allows high voltage solar pv arrays (up to 300 Vdc MPP) to charge lower voltage batteries, such as a 12V or 24V battery bank. The controller converts the voltage down, and at the same time the current is boosted. The MPPT current boost alone can provide up to 40% more power than a standard non-mppt controller.