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Off-Grid Solar PV Systems For Remote Locations

Silent, reliable, clean & low maintenance - just some of the advantages of solar photovoltaic modules.

Solar 'pv' modules have always been a viable solution for providing power in remote locations, normally being used to charge a bank of deep cycle batteries. The further away the site is from the mains power lines, the more viable an off-grid solar pv system becomes.

Typical off-grid solar pv projects include :

At the EDC, we supply systems for all of the above applications. We are specialists in off-grid power and we provide full system design and technical support services.

Flow of power in an off-grid pv system

Solar PV Modules - On Grid & Off Grid ?

Early solar pv modules were expensive, not hugely powerful and most were of a relatively low voltage - designed to charge 12V battery banks.

Over the past five to ten years, the growth of the grid-connected solar pv sector has resulted in a massive price reduction of the larger grid-connect pv modules. Most of these modules have wattages of between 180W to 330W and have a peak power voltage of around 36V to 48V. Other than the size and electrical specifications, there is little or no difference between most on-grid and off-grid modules.

However, these larger 'grid-connect' modules, whilst offering excellent value, will often need an expensive 'MPPT' charge controller to convert the high pv voltages into voltages suitable to charge an off-grid battery bank. If a standard PWM controller is used, much of the power can be wasted.

Most off-grid solar pv modules have a lower wattage - from 5W to 140W and have a peak power voltage of around 17V, which is designed to charge a 12V battery. Solar pv modules have to produce a higher voltage to compensate for the fact that when they get really hot the output voltage drops. In fact, solar pv is far more efficient in a cool climate.

Unfortunately, due to production volumes, the prices for smaller pv modules has remained very high in comparison to the larger modules. In some instances this produces a situation where a 100W pv module may be suitable, and yet the 200W module in the same range is cheaper !

off-grid pv solar panels

Recent Photovoltaic Technology Developments

Sunpower's 'back-contact' cells are now hitting 21.5 % efficiency and the latest Sanyo HIT (hybrid monocrystalline & amorphous) modules are giving power outputs of approx. 200W per m2 in good sun.

Nanosolar have been developing printed pv cells, using a nano particle ink. Printed cells offer the chance to massively reduce the cost of pv manufacturing. Nanosolar have recently launched their product on the market, although prices are still high.

Meanwhile, biological photovoltaic materials are being developed by Biosolar - reducing the need for petroleum-based plastic cell components.

Flexible and folding pv modules have been on the market for a while, offering convenience, portability and ease of fitting. Popular in the leisure and marine markets, flexible pv panels need to be well designed and robustly constructed to withstand regular movement.

Sanyo HIT PV solar panel

Selecting Solar PV Panels

If you are looking for general information regarding the planning of an off-grid solar or wind energy system, you may like to visit the information section of our website.

If you would like any project specific advice or prices, our experienced system design team are able to design & cost a bespoke power system to your exact requirements.

For full technical data regarding our solar pv panels, click the relevant logo below where you can find the latest prices as well as download product brochures, data sheets and installation manuals.

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